Don't stop your fights
Before you get to the best part.

Your partnership is worth the fight. 
Just make sure it's a good fight. 
I'll show you how. 
Whether you have full blown explosive yelling matches... or subtle passive aggressive text messages... 

Fighting, Arguing, Bickering, Criticising, Nagging, Setting Ultimatums, Giving Cold Shoulders, Getting into Nasty Debates... taking jabs at each other... whatever the flavor, intensity or style of your disagreements, you might be missing out on one crucial step. 

Most couples get stuck in Step Number One. 

A few, more conscious couples, make it through step number Two. 

But it's rare that couples are aware of - and capable of - going through step number three...

Intruigued? Read on. 
And I totally get it. 
My partner and I have gone through our fair share of quarrels and disputes.

From politics to money to parenting...  

Truth time:
I've got plenty of skelatons in my closet about things I've said to my husband during heated arguments. I'm not proud of all of my behaviors throughout the years. 

But our fights sent me on a life-long journey to master crucial skills to my life: Conflict resolution, self awareness and non-violent communication. 
I used to feel deflated, defeated and depressed after an argument. Now I feel proud and hopeful.  

It's not that we never fight anymore - it's that we've established our rules of engagement, we've learned to move through the 3 stages of fights with relative ease and we've learned to use our fights to deepen our connection. And that's what I want for you too. 

Have you heard that good couples don't fight? 
That's not true. 

Good couples fight well. They fight fair. They fight to resolution. 

They know not to waste a good argument - they know not to let it linger and build up resentment over the years. 
They know how to go through inevitable conflicts - all the way to the gold at the end: Deeper connection. 

They use their fights to 
deepen their unconditional love for each other. 
Fight in a way that makes you 
feel proud and hopeful as a couple.
After a fight with your partner you feel… 
a) Ashamed and embarrassed
b) Furious and resentful
c) Proud and hopeful as a couple 

If you didn’t answer c) - this Masterclass will get you there.

Listen, fighting with my partner influences every aspect of my life. When we used to fight in an "unskilled" manner, I never knew how long they would last. I didn't have confidence that we could exit them with grace or find resolution. It felt like emotionally unstable territory because I felt like I could shock myself - or be shocked by my partner's behavior. 

When we were in a sticky conflict - I was a worse parent. I was a crappy daughter, sister and friend. I was unfocused at work. I binge ate. I even spent more money on rubbish I didn't need just to make myself "feel better"... I felt disgraced. 

Feeling high tensions with our spouse means that we're not free to be ourselves, shine, create, love and show up to our lives feeling powerful. 

The opposite is also true. When we manage conflicts with skill - it feels like a million bucks. You feel proud of yourself and your partner, inspired by the fact that you can do hard things. You feel confident, at ease and able to go out into the world with your chin up high. 

I've spent years refining and deepening my ability to withstand conflict - it's a work in progress. But the differences are palpable and can't be underestimated.

In this masterclass I'll share my process. I'll organize it for you in a structured, methodological way that takes the emotional "sting" out of the fight. You'll discover the scripts, phrases, body language and timing that is necessary for moving through stage one, two and most importantly three - so that you can turn your fights into opportunities for your greatest growth as a couple. 

Once you sign up to Worth The Fight you will be invited to our Live Masterclass. 

The class is built of 5 Videos that will walk you through the 3 Stages. You’ll be able to instantly access the entire course and netflix-binge it right away in less than 2 hours

This course will offer you a real, honest, creative and brand new way of approaching conflicts with your partner - and will set you up to practice these skills in real life, improving your communication and connection as you go. 

Warning: Upon Completing the course, you might be looking forward to your next fight.   
  • VALIDATION: Realize that, although highly stigmatized and taboo, having profound conflicts with your partner is normal. However, you don't need to stay stuck there... 
  • ​REFRAMES: We'll learn how to rewire our brain to really understand what happens to our brains and bodies during an argument and how the natural process proceeds along the arc. Rather than being paralyzed by these facts, we'll learn how to use them to our advantage. 
  • ​SKILLS: Hard core tools that you can use in real life with your partner. Ditch the default old rusty toolbox you've been working with - those are blunt and outdated. Let's get you a set of sharp new appliances that actually make a difference in your marriage and life.  
  • MINDSET:  You'll get to adopt new thought patterns that will make you feel a trillion times better about your partner and you. 
  • SCRIPTS: If the cat gets your tongue during disputes and you don't know how to express yourself without making things worse, you'll hear real live examples of how that might sound so you can adopt them and make them your own. 
"If you haven't worked on relationships stuff before and you're new to emotional work - this is an easy way to get started to begin your work on your relationship and rather just letting it be what it is." 
- Nick, father of two
You're HERE for a reason.
Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “We deserve better than this...”. 

We can do better than this. 
That inner voice is correct. 
Your feelings are on point.
There’s a way to get through arguments and conflicts without it making you weaker. 
In fact, they can make you stronger. 

I believe greatly in human's anti-fragility. 
You are not fragile. 
Your relationship is not fragile. 

When things get rocky, it's time to start climbing. 

Let's rise!

“An emotional intelligence bump!" - Lee
One Time Payment Of
Launch price - $37
How much does it cost? 
A one-time payment of $37 USD purchases instant and lifetime access to the course. As such, we do not offer refunds on this particular course.
How much time is involved in taking the course?
The core content can be watched in less than 2 hours! You can spend additional time filling out the worksheets and watching the bonus material, but you'll be on your way in less time it takes to bake sprouted gluten-free bread from scratch. Compare that to the 15 years of trial and error and buckets of tears I’ve spent on figuring this stuff out…

How is this different than "Parent in Love"?
Parent In Love is our signature 6 month deep dive course - it's a meaningful and transformative process that takes a bigger investment of both time and money. WTF is a quick mini course that will give you an Emotional Intelligence boost without too big an investment (financial and time) on your part. If you're thinking about Parent In Love, this could be a great way to test the waters. Take WTF and see if you feel uplifted, feel closer to your partner, feel more equipped to handle tensions. If so - congratulations - you're a perfect candidate for Parent In Love.

If you're already in Parent In Love, that's awesome! Worth The Fight will be a wonderful addition to your repertoire - offering you hands on skills, a refresh and a new way to face conflicts as they arise.
"I actually told my partner that our family is worth the fight. (I’ve been the conflict avoidant one so I’ve come a long way!) The concept that fights can be productive and can serve to strengthen a relationship when done well, is a huge takeaway." - Greta 

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