Remodel Your Home
Into a Play-Inducing Haven 

In Less Than An Hour and On a $0 Budget

If Lockdown is the problem, 
Independent Play is the solution.

In this *FREE* session I'll show you how to redesign your space right now 
to facilitate deep, independent play.  

Warning: After implementing what you learn in this live session, your kids will be playing so much you'll have to beg them for attention. 


Until 1:00 PM (EDT) April 30th

If you're struggling keeping your kids engaged and getting a few minutes to yourself - sounds like you might be going through a global pandemic. Or just regular life with kids.

Independent Play is the solution. In this free session, brought to you by our membership, Present Play, I'll show you the five play zones you need to set up (you can do it in a shoebox) and how to do it - especially now. 

Meet your host - Avital

I'm Avital, the founder of Present Play, a homeschooling mother of four and a Performance Coach for parents. I teach parents how to love parenting and parent from love. 

Times are particularly challenging for us parents right now, in lockdown, without our village of support and with increased levels of anxiety. I am here to champion you and coach you. I believe that if we don't let this break us, then it will make us stronger. 

Stronger as parents, as families, as humans. 

I know there is so much that is currently out of our control. But how we set up our homes is firmly in our control and has a huge impact on our children's behavior, learning and mood. 

I know your time is very precious, so my promise to you is to make this session highly actionable. It is not a long winded sales pitch. It's a practical how-to because that's what we all need right now.  

I will absolutely tell you all about and if it's a fit for you, I will invite you to join us there and experience quantum leaps in your family's flow and joy. 

However even if Present Play isn't for you just yet, you will walk away from this free session inspired and ready to take action. 

See you on the inside, 
Avital xxx


5 Play Zones Framework

You don't need to bring anything to this session except your coachable, open minded and open hearted self. I will be explaining to you what the five zones are, what goes in each and why that type of play is crucial for your kids. 

Independent play will free up your time, energy and focus to be able to do some housework, some work-work or just sip your tea (ahhhh!). 

I will also be sharing about which is currently open - and how you can join us so that you can up-level your parenting and enjoy this time (and beyond). 
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