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Parent Like A Pro.
Stop spending the day waiting until bedtime, start living each day to your full potential.
 I’m spilling the three secrets that are going to upgrade your mindset to CEO level so you can lead your family with passion, vision and energy.


The most profound tool to influence your happiness as a parent - that you probably never even gave much thought to. 


How to create a family life you love and never compare yourself to anyone ever again.


The new definition of a "successful family” that can actually prevent burnout. 

"I went a bit nuts when I discovered Avital's work and literally watched every video and my life changed DRAMATICALLY lol... so lately I've been just immersed in all these beautiful changes!" - Ashley 

Parenting is overwhelming!

It's so common to feel like you're burning out...

When you're at home with littles, you have a ton of responsibilities to juggle. Long to-do lists of housework: cooking, cleaning, laundry... never ending meal prep.

You have to...kiss boo-boos, read books, find matching socks once in a while, book doctors appointments, buckle kicking toddlers into car seats. Make sure everyone has rain--boots when it's raining and something to swim in when it's hot. 

You have to care for everyone, everyday all the time... 

It's exhausting. I know. 

...but we get up have to get every day and do it anyway. 

If you're feeling stuck in survival mode, resentful of your partner or children, feeling like life is 'happening' to you and you're totally not in control of your own experience. 

If you have thoughts like "I'm messing this up", "this is too hard", "I can't"... then I'm here to tell you: You are not alone. 

And there is another way. 

We just never got great "training" for this parenting gig, which sucks because it's kinda important, ya know?!

Well, we never got training until now...

Just want to say that Avital Schreiber-levy has come to my mama rescue on more times than a million. YOUR calming, wise, tough-love yet, always gentle voice has been a guiding star for me this year. Your words have brought so many “aha!” Moments for me and I feel truly changed and am seeing amazing results in my family as Individuals and as a unit...THANK YOU for all of your many hours of work, meditations on parenting and just plain awesomeness! I send so much LOVE to you all!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏"
- Christina

Join the world wide revolution of parents who are parenting differently.

You absolutely can get out of survival mode

And into thriving mode...

..."If you keep doing what your'e doing, you'll keep getting what you've got"

So, if you're ready for a change - this is the workshop for you. 

If you love your little ones to bits but sometimes feel the need to escape your life (or at least hide in the bathroom with a pile of chocolate and scroll mindlessly through facebook #noshame #beenthere)... then this is for you. 

If you know in your heart that your family life could be happier, easier, more relaxed and incredibly meaningful... but you're not quite there yet - meet me on Wednesday with an open mind and an open heart. 

The good news is: 
there's a lot you can do
to make parenting easier. 

         And more fun!

(You deserve that, 
and so does your kid!)

You are among friends. We're all imperfect parents trying our hardest and making plenty of mistakes along the way. 

Hi! I'm Avital! 

I'm thrilled and honored to have you here. 

I am a mother of five, mindset coach, and the founder of Present Play. My work is dedicated to helping you to love parenting. 

It's my life's mission to guide parents in creating family "bliss" - creating a love they life and setting their homes up for success.

Because parenting doesn't have to be a disaster. Through Present Play I've helped thousands of parents become the parents they always wanted to be and create a home life that feels great to be a part of. With thousands of members around the world ...Maybe you're next!

Your parenting mindset is crucial.

NOW more than ever.

"Loving this! What a great time to love parenting and parent from love than during this whole crisis. So many resources - cannot recommend her enough." - odalyskramos

It's FREE. Only your sanity is left to lose.
Join thousands of parents world-wide and discover
Mommin' Like a BOSS

"This woman is bringing me so much calm - your ideas are brilliant!" - kamilavelijkovic

"My 3 kids are home, because schools are closed. Since we've been working for the last year on independent play, the transition hasn't been so bad - the best part is, I'm not too stressed! I know if this had happened last year I wouldn't have been in such good shape. Thank you! You have a great message and I share it whenever I can!" 

- Marion

Ready to #ReclaimPlay?  

"Wonderful, refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!" 
- Ronit

Ready to #ReclaimPlay?  

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