If your relationship feels stagnant
It's got to grow.

Rewrite your love story - it might be better than you thought. 
Do you ever find yourself reminicsing about years gone by? 
The clock is only moving in one direction, isn't it?

Wishing for those giddy, gushy, early days of falling head over heels in love? 
Seems like something you only get to feel once, right?

Fantasizing about some moment when your love story (after a mortgage or two, a kid or two, a decade or two) might come alive again? 
But how? Why? Through what magical force?

Have you completely surrendered such fantasies and succumbed your dreams to hum-drum, gray, boring, vanilla roommate status?
That's not what you signed up for though, is it?

Do you find yourself wishing your partner would just change already so that you could just be in love with them again? 
You might be waiting a long time... right?

If you're sick of feeling dissapointed and disconnected... you're damn right. 

Love stories aren't meant to end with "happily ever after"... 
they're meant to grow. 

And I totally get it. 
Just like most couples my partner and I fell madly in love in the beginning... and just like most couples after a while our feelings morphed into the "Power Struggle" stage. 

It's a stage where although you love your partner, you don't feel very in love with them, most of the time. In fact, it can be pretty painful. 

You know you're in the Power Struggle phase if you often find yourself:
- In competition or conflict with your partner
- Wishing your partner would change
- Feeling "out of love"

But I soon realized that wasn't good enough. Even though I have always loved my partner, I also wanted to feel in love: excited, grateful, invested and enthusiastically engaged in my relationship. 

Because I believe that mindset is everything, I set out to mature my mindset to a place where I can choose to be in love - where I can fall in love on purpose. It's a much healthier, happier place to be 

And that's what I want for you too. 

Don't "fall" in love, this time. 
Fall in love on purpose. 

The truth is that we are being let down by a culture that feeds us lies about relationships. 

Hollywood movies always show Stage 1 of a relationship: romance, butterflies, spontaneity. It's beautiful, but fleeting. 

Then comes Stage 2: Frustration, conflict, dissapointment. 

So how do we usher in Stage 3 - and what might that look like? 

How do we fall in love again - but this time, on purpose. 

The first time your love story was written for you by the Universe. 

But in Love 2.0 - you get to write the story. 

You get to fall in love, deliberately, intentionally and by design. 

But to do so - you have to address some key mindsets that are holding you back. 

The Fairytales only tell half the story. 
Now it's time to write the other half. 

Bust the mindset myths that are holding you back, 
and choose to fall in love on purpose  
"In just a few hours of taking this course my mindset has completely changed. I now see myself as a powerful creator in my relationship, a person capable of making my own love story and one that’s better than any rom-com could create.
- Tracy, mother of two

Got To Grow Video Series ($119 value)
Watch or listen to the video series to get a fresh new perspective on falling in love with the partner you've got. 
Got To Grow Guide ($39 value)
Journal prompts, video transcripts and inspirational print outs to cement these new mindsets for life. 
This course is built of a 5 part video series that will help you to bust 3 common myths that might be keeping you “out of love”. You’ll be able to instantly access the entire course and netflix-binge it right away in less than 2 hours.

You’ll also receive a robust guide that you can read through, think through and journal through - the prompts and journals are designed to help you rewrite your love story so that it can grow into the stage of life you’re in - upgrade it, in a sense. This deep mindset work will help you to access the creative part of yourself that allows you to fall in love *on purpose*.
  • VALIDATION: Know that you're not alone in feeling like there's a gap to bridge between you and your partner - or between the relationship you have and the one you want. 
  • ​REFRAMES: Bust the cultural myths that are the undoing of the best partnerships - and find deeper, more mature ways of seeing your partner and your love story. 
  • ​SKILLS: Learn to rewrite the stories that are holding you back, to recognize the myths that are keeping you small and unhappy - and to replace them with ideas that serve your highest good.  
  • MINDSET:  How should we think about our relationship in a way that will support it lasting for "happily ever after"? Most of us self sabotage, but after this course you'll download some upgraded mindsets to your brain. 
  • SCRIPTS: Use the free bonus guide you get with this course to journal, reflect and rewrite the ideas that are keeping you "out of love" - and sink deeper in love as a result. 
You're HERE for a reason.
Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “We deserve better than this...”. 

We can do better than this. 
That inner voice is correct. 
Your feelings are on point.
There’s a way to rekindle a more mature, grown up, next-level love - so that you can quit wishing for the "good old days" and start loving on what you've got, right now. 

Love stories are supposed to grow and evolve - so if you feel stuck, it's probably because you are. 
It's probably because you've got to grow, 
your partner has got to grow 
and your relationship has got to grow. 

That's why you signed up for this story in the first place - to grow. 

When things are keeping you small, it's time to grow.

Let's rise!

“An emotional intelligence bump!" - Lee
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A one-time payment of $47 USD purchases instant and lifetime access to the course. As such, we do not offer refunds on this particular course.
How much time is involved in taking the course?
The core content can be watched in less than 2 hours! You can spend additional time filling out the worksheets and watching the bonus material, but you'll be on your way in less time it takes to bake sprouted gluten-free bread from scratch. Compare that to the 15 years of trial and error and buckets of tears I’ve spent on figuring this stuff out…

How is this different than "Parent in Love"?
Parent In Love is our signature 6 month deep dive course - it's a meaningful and transformative process that takes a bigger investment of both time and money. GTG is a quick mini course that will give you an Emotional Intelligence boost without too big an investment (financial and time) on your part. If you're thinking about Parent In Love, this could be a great way to test the waters. Take GTG and see if you feel uplifted, feel closer to your partner, feel more in love... If so - congratulations - you're a perfect candidate for Parent In Love.

If you're already in Parent In Love, that's awesome! Got To Go will be a wonderful addition to your repertoire - offering you hands on skills, a refresh and a new way to fell madly in love, on demmand.
How is this different than "Worth the Fight"?
Worth the Fight is designed to give you practical skills to manage your conflicts and fights with your partner in a productive way that leaves you feeling hopeful and proud. GTG is designed to help you bust the mindset myths that are holding you back so that you can fall deeply in love with your partner *on purpose*.
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