Childhood Design Guide
10 Easy Steps to Transform Your Home
into a Play-Inducing Haven

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Hi, I'm Avital
(aka The Parenting Junkie) 

If you're an imperfect, yet intentional parent - you're in the right place. I'm a performance coach for visionary parents who want to create family bliss. 

One core aspect of my work has always been designing home environments for optimized play. As a homeschooling mother of four, who runs a business from home, independent play has become ever more important in my personal life as well. 

Tens of thousands of parents around the world have implemented my Present Play methodology and experienced unparalleled results in the levels of harmony in their home. This guide is the perfect place to start reclaiming independent play for you and your kids. 

Don't wait for it to be perfect - it never is! Just get started with what you've got, I can't wait to see the results... 

Avital xxx