To the Parent Who Knows That Parenting Doesn't Have to Suck:

Give Me 12 Months & you'll
Have a family life you love!

Happy Families Don't Just Happen... They Are Created! month at a time.


To the Parent Who Knows That Parenting Doesn't Have to Suck:

"Give Me 12 Months & you'll have a family life you love! "

Happy Families Don't Just Happen... They Are Created! month at a time.

With Results Like These:

“My 6-year-old told me the other day that it’s so nice mummy is not yelling anymore.” 

- Anna
“My son went from playing independently for about 45 min/day to 2 hours/day and some days 3 hours. That's an extra $6,000 over the past year from working those extra hours at home. For a family that was struggling to pay for rent and groceries, this was a HUGE win."

- Nicole
“Each family member now has a close, personal, and loving relationship with one another. ” 

- Gemsy
It's no wonder our members are raving about our powerful method for creating a meaningful family life...
Parenting can be totally overwhelming.

Whether you're a new parent, confused by the seven trillion resources about parenting the “right way” or an experienced parent who's juggling, hustling, and trying to do. it. all...

Parenting can be a struggle at the best of times and completely overwhelming at the worst of times.

Maybe you're stuck at home in lockdown for weeks on end (feeling equally bored and overwhelmed). 

Or you're an "original," living to beat of your own drum, never fitting in to any parenting "group" and yet feeling lost at the same time...

It can feel like Toys R Us 
threw up in your living room. 

Parenting seems to come with so many responsibilities and so much "stuff" to handle!

It can make even the most organized among us a bit of a hoarder. 

Kids come with all this "junk" and they even color on the walls, which is so 'last season'! 

Every surface seems buried in useless stuff that was supposed to "entertain" and yet the kids still don't play... 

We can look around our house and feel like it's just not the high vibe sanctuary we wished for our home to be. 

You might find yourself 
waiting for bedtime every day.

Every family has its own unique challenges.

Maybe you've become a bit of a martyr... Taking care of everyone but yourself, longing for bedtime to roll around so you can collapse into bed... only to do it all over again the next day.

If you have an only child, you might be exhausted being "everything" to them.

Or if you have more than one, you're suddenly the Peace Keeper:

Exasperated by sibling rivalry, always scrambling to break up fights, and protect the little ones.

Sometimes it feels like everyone 
and their grandma is judging you.

It's hard to figure out the "right way" to parent.

Ever find yourself paralyzed by all the choices, feeling like you're "messing up" and never good enough?

Our phones don't make it any easier. Do you ever find yourself scrolling, stuck in total analysis paralysis, making comparisons and feeling like everyone out there is secretly judging you?

Maybe you're struggling to implement the good habits you know you “should” be doing. You've got all the best ideas pinned and saved, but never take action.

I've often felt 'invisible' as a mom, lonely and alone, like I'm on an island... missing friendship and yearning for community. 

We all mess up, but the #momguilt can be crushing. 

Maybe this cycle sounds familiar: 
1) get triggered
2) start yelling
3) feel guilty
4) rinse
5) repeat :(

Ever found yourself promising you'll never raise your voice again, only to find your throat soar from yelling the next day?

Maybe you have thoughts like "I'm messing this up." or "Why is this so hard?" or even "I can't take it anymore."

You probably have big dreams and fantasies about what parenting could or should be like and yet there seems to be a gaping hole between where you are and where you want to be. 

All of this can leave us feeling 
Not. Good. Enough.  
But... you deserve to enjoy your kids and they deserve to enjoy their childhood.
We all know that kids grow up in the blink of an eye and we don’t want to look back when they’re grown and think: 
coulda, woulda, shoulda.
Good News:
Parenting doesn’t have to be exhausting anymore - Present Play is here!


A new vision of parenthood. 

Present Play empowers you with tools to become the parent you want to be
Each year in the Present Play membership you will feel more present with your children, your family life will grow more peaceful and your home will become increasingly playful.
Mary Poppins is busy, but Present Play is open!  

How does Present Play work?

One small effective step at a time.

Every month in Present Play we focus on a theme. From Village to Peace to Space - you’ll create tangible changes in your family life on a monthly basis. 

Here’s how each month flows:

Every month you begin by identifying the most helpful change you need to make in your home. I’ll help you figure out where to start in a live, super-juicy, mindset workshop (there’s a replay so don’t worry if you miss it).


Now it’s time to get ‘er done - you’ll have a toolbox of applicable action steps and skills that will easily help you achieve your goals. Watch the videos and follow along in your glossy PDF to create real, sustainable change.


Ugh, you hit a little wall? Of course you did! No worries, you are resilient and we are here to help you overcome any obstacles or setbacks. Victory will be yours! Our incredible community is a wealth of wisdom and will be at your beck and call to answer follow up your questions, concerns, or surprise situations you discover along the way. We're all doing this together!


YES! You did it. We always take the time to note our successes because it’s what fuels us to keep on keeping on. This is the time to actually see, notice, and celebrate the change you’ve created! You will have a win to celebrate every. single. month. 

What's Inside 
Present Play 
In Present Play We believe in you and your parenting. 
It’s important to have people believe in you, isn’t it? 

As a Present Player you will turn down the outside noise and get in touch with your unique gifts and skills as a parent! You’ll learn how to amplify your own genius and create real results in your home and family life.  

Get detailed, customizable coaching to address the unique challenges your family is struggling with right now. From time management to home design, parenting issues to independent play - Present Play helps you to figure it all out and get you back to enjoying life with little ones. 

Be guided, supported and celebrated in being the best parent you can be to your unique child. 

Present Play will help you to love parenting and parent from love. See the results ripple out into every area of your life and take pride in knowing that those ripples will echo throughout generations to come. 
So what changes will you be creating each month? I’m so glad you asked! Buckle up, there’s an incredible ride ahead: 

That sigh of relief? That's what you'll feel inside Present Play. 

Every single month, you will be guided through a unique process to get results creating the changes you want to see

You will have everything you need to learn in your own way: 
Present Play condenses vast amounts of information, research, and principles into digestable, practical solutions to real-life parenting problems. 

We break complex concepts down into bite-sized, do-able action items that you'll be inspired to implement right away, so you can truly love parenting and parenting from love...
But - Present Play is not just about the “stuff” you get, more videos to watch, or articles to read. (Who needs that? Not you! You’re busy living a full life.)  

You'll receive high quality content - yes. But more importantly, you'll receive the coaching and community support to CREATE, not just consume.

You’ll measure your success through the real transformation you experience as your vision takes shape. 
You are going to create REAL CHANGE! 
Allow me to introduce you to
The 12 Themes of Present Play:

We’ve carefully designed 12 all-encompassing themes that are the proven blueprint to continuously create the family life you love, year over year.

These are applicable to all parents, everywhere...

Create Haven


Feeling disorganized, haphazard, uninspired? 
Have Inviting Play Spaces
In your Haven Toolbox you'll design the 5 Play Zones Every Child Needs:
  • The Imagination Zone
  • The Messy Zone
  • The Movement Zone
  • The Quiet Zone
  • The Focus Zone
  • Plus so much more!
"Yes, yes, yes - you CAN have it all! Present Play taught me how. Everyone is happier, calmer, and more focused when our home is well-designed for all of us. (And you don't need to be rich or have tons of money). Present Play was key in making it possible."

- Lisiane
Create Play


Feeling over-involved, on edge, ineffective?
Have a Child Who Plays Independently
In your Play Toolbox you'll learn the 10 Rules of a Play Guru:
  • The Caregiving Rule
  • The Attention Rule
  • The BRB Rule
  • The Rotation Rule
  • The Strew Rule
  • The Schema Rule
  • ​The Distraction Rule
  • The Interruption Rule
  • ​The Lowly Assistant Rule
  • ​The Scaffolding Rule
  • Plus so much more!
"Taking this time to be oh so grateful for how my son developed his muscle for PLAY and acknowledging my role as a gardener in cultivating his environment through Present Play. I've experienced the process from him being soooo clingy (always with me that I can't even put him down so I can cook) to NOW independently playing not asking for screens even if our TV is mounted on the wall!"

- Elice
Create Culture


Feeling FOMO, aimless, just blasé?
Have Meaningful Family Experiences
In your Culture Toolbox you'll implement the 10 Elements of Creating Culture:
  • Rituals
  • Books
  • Stories
  • Heroes
  • Music
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • ​Symbols
  • ​Artifacts
  • ​Language
  • Plus so much more!
"Present Play has helped immensely in helping us live our best lives and not have everything revolve around screens. The kids started playing together and gaining a deeper connection with each other. They learned how to be bored and use their imaginations. If mom says no screens, my kids know they have other things they can go do - like our messy zone to paint and play. Since that is set up, they can just go and grab the materials and make a creation while I'm feeding the baby."

- Samantha
Create Flow


Feeling frazzled, unproductive, rushed?
Have Purposeful Daily Rhythm
In your Flow Toolbox you'll find the 10 Essential Time Management Tools:
  • The Kid's Non-Negotiables
  • The Parent's Non-Negotiables
  • The Energy Suck Quadrant
  • The 3 Rocks
  • The BLock Schedule
  • The Daily Flow
  • The Weekly Flow
  • ​Segment Intending
  • ​Strewing for Flow
  • ​The Protocol Sheets
  • Plus so much more!
"After joining Present Play, I have gotten into flow. I have proper daily, weekly and yearly routines for me and my children. I can plan things in advance. I have decluttered my home in every nook and cranny. I have created that village of my own and I feel so much more connected to other human beings in my surroundings. I feel more connected to myself, my children and my family."

- Amina
Create Village


Feeling isolated, unsupported, judged?
Have Satisfying Connections
In your Village Toolbox you'll cultivate the 8 Types of People in Your Village:
  • Neighbors
  • Friends (for you and your kids)
  • Family
  • Household Help
  • Child Care, Nannies, Babysitters
  • Schools, Programs, Preschools
  • Therapists, Doctors, etc
  • ​Toxic People
  • And so much more!
"When I started Present Play, I was completely isolated and almost completely unsupported... Now I have an abundance of support, connection and love! I'm feeling free and a little more empowered every day."

- Jacqui
Create Mastery


Feeling unqualified, stagnant, incompetent?
Have Worthwhile Skills
In your Mastery Toolbox you'll find the 8 Areas of Skill Learning:
  • Career Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Household Skills
  • Hobby Skills
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Intellectual Skills
  • Service Skills
  • ​Life Skills
  • Plus so much more!
"I've been wanting to sew more and finally made time for it. I took my children to the fabric store and my daughter picked out some fabric for a dress. It has really energized me. Sewing clothes is one of my favorite ways to create and it definitely gives me energy."

- Val
Create Space


Feeling cluttered, messy, overwhelmed?
Have An Inspiring Home Environment
In your Space Toolbox you'll learn the 10 Techniques to Declutter With Ease:
  • The Category Technique
  • The 3 Bags Technique
  • The Question Technique
  • The Photo Album Technique
  • The Timer Technique
  • The Garbage Bag Technique
  • The Hard & Fast Technique
  • ​The Teaching Moment Technique
  • ​The Deathbed Technique
  • ​The Silent Demand Technique
  • Plus so much more!
"I just wanted to say that since joining I have gone on a MAJOR declutter journey - that is not even over yet - and I have sold almost $800 worth of baby and household stuff! My husband got inspired and also sold almost $700 worth of tools that were just cluttering our garage. That is a whopping $1,500 that was just sitting, unused in our home. It feels SO GOOD and we want to DO MORE OF IT!  ❤  This was all on less than a month." 

- Clarice

Create Vision


Feeling disoriented, scatterbrained, “behind”?
Have a Compelling Plan for Your Family
In your Vision Toolbox you'll find the 4 Questions to Create Family Bliss plus so much more:
  • Where Have We Been
  • Who Are We
  • Where Are We Going
  • What Comes Next
  • Role Models
  • Core Values
  • Bucket List
  • ​Vision Board
  • ​Family Expansion Decisions
  • ​Education Decisions
  • Plus so much more!
"Life has been crazy since 2nd baby came along. Now we have 3 wild monkeys under 6 years old. There was a low point where I nearly packed up and stayed in a hotel, but Present Play always picks me back up and pulls me back on track to keep going. Create Vision is exactly what I needed. I love planning, I love day dreaming. I’m very excited about 2021, even though we will still be on lockdown. But (because of this month), our family mantra is: Life is so much easier with a sense of humour!"

- 愛莉文
Create Presence


Feeling insecure, inhibited, avoidant?
Have an Empowered Mindset
In your Presence Toolbox you'll adopt the 10 Ways to Create Presence:
  • Short Term Focus
  • Reframe
  • As-isness
  • Okay-ness
  • Gratitude
  • Self Coaching
  • Purpose
  • ​Service
  • ​Optimism
  • ​Identity
  • Plus so much more!
"In Present Play I have found my confidence as a mother. I have found the validation of what I felt was the right parenting style for us. I have found the strength to stick to my gut and not let 'culture' decide how I handle my children. It has allowed me to give myself permission to love my children deeply no matter what, to love unconditionally. It has given me permission to truly take care of myself, to love myself unconditionally, to be kind to myself and release the guilt and the shame."

- Kim
Create Peace


Feeling triggered, combative, defeated?
Have Masterful Communication Skills
In your Peace Toolbox you'll find 24 Masterful Communication Skills:
  • The No Sandwich
  • Whispering Trade
  • Summarizing
  • Including "We"
  • Grand Seeping Values
  • Rephrase
  • Restart
  • ​Non Verbal Cues
  • ​Active Listening
  • ​Mirroring
  • Plus so much more!
"This weekend, I listened to myself interact with my children during their intense emotions and I was amazed. I was calm - legitimately calm during intense melt downs. I held firm to my boundaries while being empathetic to what they wanted. It was hard, but I just did it. And it wasn't as hard as I expected. I found myself using words that I'd heard Avital say and wondered how she could think to say them in the moment. And here they were just coming to me naturally. It was a beautiful moment as I realized how much I've internalized from Present Play. In that moment, I realized I've come farther than I'd realized and that I've changed on an inner level. I still have lots of learning to do, but I'm grateful for greater peace and calm and better relationships for my children today."

- Valerie
Create Power


Feeling confused, exasperated, like a victim?
Have Practical Parenting Solutions
In your Power Toolbox you'll get the 18 Tools of Parenting:
  • Playfulness
  • Modeling
  • Story Telling
  • Bonding Behaviors
  • Natural Consequences
  • Environmental Shaping
  • Leadership
  • ​Family Meetings
  • ​Subconscious Priming
  • ​Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Plus so much more!
"I can be more comfortable being a mother. I am equipped with tools I did not have before. I am aware of what's going on with my child, and therefore, I can be more relaxed and loving towards her. I know I can handle different scenarios and not be afraid of tantrums. I literally want to spend more time with her and I feel connected like never before. I now love to be a parent and I'm enjoying every day."

- Nina
Create Energy


Feeling depleted, exhausted, resentful?
Have Abundant Strength
In your Energy Toolbox you'll nurture the 6 Fuel Sources of a CEO Parent:
  • Sleep
  • Game Face
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Self Care
  • Rest
  • Plus so much more!
"The personal growth I have been through since joining Present Play in 2019 is amazing. I couldn't help but think back on my postpartum experience the first time around and I thought I'd share with you: I wore PJs for a year, I couldn't put my baby down, I was so triggered by the crying and scared I'd make some huge mistake. I didn't want to meet other mums, I didn't want to see my family as I believed them to be a bad influence, I felt helpless as a parent, there was no kindness towards myself and certainly no self-care!

This time around, I'm getting up early and getting organised before my baby needs me. I have people in my neighbourhood who I can call on to take care of my toddler. I have reframed my relationship with my family. I have a mother's group. I simply will not allow any form of negative self talk. I'm the captain of my ship. I feel empowered in my parenting and I wake up happy! 

Yes, I've had the usual post birth yukkiness and the emotions that come with it. But I feel like I'm a completely different woman these days. My baby is two weeks old and I am thriving! Thank you Avital and team for everything you do! This is the result!"

- Emma
What would it be worth 
for you to have...
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Accountability
  • ​An ever-growing library of high-quality content 
  • Interactive group coaching
  • ​Belonging to the most incredible and supportive community of parents there is.
  • ​Do-able actions that make a difference, every single month for an entire year
Hundreds of our members have been with us since we first opened Present Play back in 2016 and they say that it has been the best investment their family could have ever made. 
"I’ll be a member for life. After 3 years in Present Play, I feel like I know the content... but I like having the monthly themes to remind myself of ways to “live” the content."

- Jenna
Let me do the heavy lifting for you. 
Hi. I'm Avital, the founder of Present Play. 
I’ve read hundreds of books, taken countless courses, qualified as a parenting coach in two institutions, parented for a decade and have 5 kids of my own. 

Most importantly, I’ve already helped tens of thousands of parents around the world with my proven approach.
Present Play lets you leapfrog over all of the labor-intensive learning and quickly get to the bottom line. Plus, you get the added benefits of accountability and community that you wouldn’t have access to if you decided to go it alone.
So what does Present Play cost?

In Present Play, you will overcome overwhelm and gain the clarity you need to create a home life you love for just $400 per year. 

Plus, we have great payment plan options to make this even more accessible for you.

"I work from home and my son went from playing independently for about 45 min/day to 2 hours/day (and some days almost 3 hours)! That's an extra $6000 over the past year from working those extra hours from home. 

For a family that was struggling to pay for rent and groceries, this was a HUGE win... so thanks Present Play! Totally paid for itself in our case." 

- Nicole
And here's the craziest part:
After 5 consecutive years in Present Play, 
you'll never pay again.
That’s right! Spend five years in Present Play and we will pay for your lifetime membership. 
That’s because we’re here for the long haul. Present Play is not a quick fix. We're here to raise our kids together - because parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. 

You will revisit the same themes every year because, in Present Play, we understand that you are never “finished” creating family bliss. Our aim is to guide you on this lifestyle journey for years to come. 
"Just completed the Vision theme. This is such an amazing process and it is so rewarding to do this another year and realize how far we’ve come since this same time last year. Thank you Present Play!! 

- Agata
As a Present Player you will be part of a diverse community representing over 70 countries!
Present Play is what coexistence looks like in a real community. It isn’t just a program - it’s a movement. We cherish diversity because it enables us to pool together parenting wisdom from our respective cultures to enrich everyone in the group.
"Present Play has invited peace, love, presence and connection into my family. Every family deserves that."

- Amina
This is how we change the world: one childhood at a time.

It’s my passionate belief that each family that becomes just a little bit more peaceful, every parent that feels a little bit more presence and every child that gets to play a little bit more - creates a ripple effect in the world that will be felt for decades to come. 

THIS is how we manifest meaningful, deep, and lasting change that benefits the people we love well into future generations. 

Present Play is a proven method.
With thousands of people from all over the world who have already been members for years now, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Present Play WORKS. 
Present Play has been proven with young children of all ages and temperaments

It has benefitted a diverse range of family structures

It has found success across a wide range of cultures, religions, and countries. 
  • ​Single parents
  • Foster parents 
  • ​Blended families
  • ​Young parents
  • ​Older parents
  • First-time parents
  • ​Experienced parents
  • ​Small families
  • ​Large families
  • Families with twins
  • ​Families with large age gaps
  • ​Families with tight age gaps
  • ​Work-Outside-the-Home parents
  • ​Work-At-Home parents
  • ​Stay-At-Home parents
  • ​Public schoolers
  • ​Private schoolers
  • ​Unschoolers
  • ​Homeschoolers
  • Did we miss anyone?

Present Play is an annual program
We want you to create real, lasting and sustainable change. 
This is why Present Play is an annual program! 

It runs for a year and auto-renews each May. 

You can choose to save $100 by investing for the year upfront or you can split it into quarterly installments. Either way, we'll be together for at least a year. 
"If you’re thinking about joining Present Play, just do it. It’s an investment for your own sanity as a parent and a caregiver, and in your child’s development and peace of mind. These are things you can’t put a price tag on it. It’ll save you time, frustration, money from buying useless toys. It's a no-brainer if you ask me."
- Jenny
(Did you know that 80% of Present Players stay year after year? Whoa!)
"I've done the whole decluttering thing in the past, but I feel where I've totally missed the mark is not doing the culture and values theme FIRST. It's no good just aimlessly getting rid of things - it always comes back. Present Play has taught us to be really clear on our values before we can drill down to the everyday things like our schedule and our spaces."

- Jess
Try Present Play for free!

Present Play comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee. 

That’s right, you can try it for $0! 

In fact, when you join the program you won’t even be charged. 

Present Play works if you work Present Play.

In other words, you will get out of the program what you put into it. That is our promise. 

(Pssst... if you’re here just to snoop around or make drama - save yourself the time. Present Play won’t work for you.) 

We are completely confident that if you put in the energy - then, just like the 99.9% of people who try out Present Play, you will fall in love and want to invest in it for it for years to come.

But to make it 100% risk free: If you’re not super-duper-goofy-smiled about your membership, just let us know by May 10th and you won’t pay a penny.
"I sign up for trials for lots of things but I very rarely keep it. The fact that I’ve been a member for over two years speaks volumes. The fact that it is changing and evolving is amazing and really suits my needs. For the price, it’s great value."

- Jo
We are committed to having only ridiculously satisfied customers... so satisfied that they can’t help raving about Present Play to their friends. 

Our members are just as in love with Present Play and just as dedicated to preserving the beautiful, authentic, supportive community we’ve built as we are. 

If you’re an imperfect but intentional, kind-hearted person who has even the tiniest curiosity at what Present Play is like on the inside and you’re thinking that it might just be for you, then give it a try - you have absolutely nothing to lose!
Let's Recap...

Present Play will transform your parenting and it's officially OPEN for enrollment

The proven blueprint to continuously create the family life you love, year over year.

  • THE 12 THEMES GUIDES & TOOLBOX - Value $2,000
    The powerful method to create a meaningful family life 
    ssons to add to your parenting toolbox to achieve massive change in your family life - PDFs, audios, videos and workshops
    Hear real, actionable coaching and mindset shifts in a live setting with Avital and your fellow community members.
  • COMMUNITY - Value $240 
    A warm, cozy, supportive community hub that is social-media-free (we have our OWN app, with no ads and no distractions)

  • BONUS WORKSHOP - Value $179
    The 5-Step framework for work-at-home parents 
    Intimate interviews with the most cutting-edge thought leaders on parenting of our time.
  • BONUS DEEP DIVE - Value $1,054
    Go deep with Avital in these unscripted, raw, vulnerable and powerful sessions

When you invest in Present Play
you're receiving a total value of $5,696
all for the price of...

4 Quarterly installments of
Recurs Annually
  • Pay $100 USD every 3 months ($400/year)
  • First payment on May 14, 2021
  • Lifetime Membership after 5 consecutive years
1 annual investment of
Recurs Annually
  • Save $100 a year by paying $300 USD up front!
  • First payment on May 14, 2021
  • Lifetime Membership after 5 consecutive years
4 Quarterly installments of
  • Pay $100 USD every 3 months ($400/year)
  • First payment on May 14, 2021
  • Lifetime Access after 5 consecutive years
  • Full Annual Membership Access
1 annual investment of
  • Save $100 a year by paying $300 USD up front
  • First payment on May 14, 2021
  • Lifetime access after 5 consecutive years
  • Full Annual Membership Access

To make the investment in Present Play a complete no-brainer, 

I’m packing in more goodies...

Here's an extra $1,670 of value packed in for ya! 


RISK FREE (7 day trial period at $1/day!)
By choosing one of these plans, you lock in your low recurring rate for as long as you stay! Your cost will never go up. We are sure you'll love it, but if you don't see the value - request to cancel your membership within 7 days of joining and we will refund you the full amount minus a $7 processing fee.

Both payment options recur annually. You can stay for one year (request to cancel by April 1, 2020) or stay forever! Any member who stays for 5 consecutive years will unlock lifetime membership.


The Work-From-Home Bonus
How to Enjoy Your Family & Be Productive at work: The 5-Step Framework for Overwhelmed Parents Who Are Doing It All 
If you or your partner are working from home (especially with little kids around), you’re going to want to watch this workshop.

If you’re struggling to be productive, I’ve got you! 

As someone who runs a business while homeschooling a bunch o’ kids - I know how to make it happen without becoming an actual octopus. 

I routinely deliver this very workshop to schools, communities and top Fortune 500 companies including Google and YouTube for thousands of dollars - but it will be yours absolutely free when you join Present Play. 
Value - $179


Expert Interviews
Intimate conversations with some of the most cutting-edge thought leaders on parenting of our time.
  • Interior design hacks that can drastically improve children's challenging behaviors
  • Running on online business while parenting two tiny kids without losing your mind
  • The best way to handle aggression without ruining your relationship with your child
  • ​What to do when your child wants to play war, guns, and violence without shame
  • ​The number one thing to do to sooth your child's anxiety without going to therapy
Does Google make parenting easier or harder? I don’t know! 

On the one hand, we have all this information that our mothers never had. But on the other hand, we have all this information that our mothers never had!!! 

So, my friend, when you join Present Play, you will be receiving high-quality, vetted, personalized information that is not just “Dr. Google”. 

I have handpicked our experts - from the household names to the unknown diamonds - and you will find unique, highly intimate, candid and enlightening conversations with them right inside Present Play. 

In this bundle you can stop browsing for new podcasts and start listening in, fly on the wall style, to experts like Dr. Shefali Tsabary as she shares her struggles and triumphs raising an only child, Dr. Laura Markham and her take on siblings, Kate Northrup Watts and her thoughts about running a business and a family, and dozens of equally valuable topics. 

With so many top names in the parenting industry, this bundle could easily be sold for $437, but I want you to have a one-stop-shop in Present Play so you don’t feel like you’re just adding more to your watch list.

Instead, you’ll always know where to go to get your parenting answers: Present Play! 
Value - $437


Mega Deep-Dive Library
Go deep with Avital in these unscripted, raw, vulnerable and powerful sessions.
Feel like you want something more? Something deeper? How about raw, real, honest, vulnerable conversations about the darkest, most challenging and most inspiring sides of parenting? 
Tune into our history of live sessions and group coaching calls to discover:
  • The melting ice cube concept and why you should be focusing on this as the single most important thing
  • Why showing your kids when you're annoyed is not a problem if you do this one thing
  • Why Mother's Day might ruin your child's life and how to ensure it doesn't
  • Vulnerable, behind-the-scenes moments with me and my family...
Value - $1,054
"I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need to 'do it all' to see big results. My first year in Present Play I dipped in and out when I had the chance and that was exactly the right amount I needed to put some key things into action and see real change."

- Hannah

What will you choose?
Alright my friend, it seems to me like you have a choice to make. 
You could either:

a) Do nothing. 
b) Join Present Play. 
As you already know, when you do nothing... nothing changes, and you get more of the same old frustrations.

When you do nothing:
All of the frustrating patterns continue...
Your child’s behaviors stay the same...
Your home life doesn’t improve...
You don’t grow or learn or experience any lasting transformation... 

...and that’s OK.

Truly, it is. Not everyone is ready to make big changes in their lives.
But if you have that little voice inside that says: There must be a better way...

I'd love for you to choose option b) and join Present Play - because your intuition is spot on: 
There is a better way!
Parenting is inherently challenging, I’m not gonna lie. But when you join Present Play, you’ll be joining a growing, vibrant, supportive group of parents who won’t settle for struggling through their kids’ childhood in survival mode.

Do Present Players have “off” days or “low” seasons? Of course! But we are still committed to the bigger picture and focused on those core founding principles:
Presence, Peace, and Play.
Our members are real, flesh-and-blood, imperfect parents who are working their buns off to be the best they can be for their children. 

We support each other through good times and bad, highs and lows, and everything in between. 

We hold each other’s goodness to light and encourage each other to authentically parent from the heart. 
Present Play is here to support you, empathize with your struggles, celebrate your wins, brainstorm solutions, witness your growth and parent alongside you.

We're here to help you create YOUR vision, not tell you what that vision should be...
"It was absolutely worth it and for anyone on the fence, I don’t even know how to put it into words. There is absolutely zero hesitation in my mind that it was worth it and I will always stay with Present Play."

- Galina
In Present Play, you are empowered to live your true values, and never told what those values should be. 
So what’s it gonna be… 

Do nothing? 


Say “maybe next year”? 

Will you try to piece it together yourself, only to let life get in the way while your goals fall by the wayside?
Or are you ready to say:
  • YES to your family
  • ​YES to a new way
  • ​YES to being the parent you want to be
  • YES to enjoying your children while they’re still young 
  • ​YES to rocking parenting
  • ​YES to support and friendship
Not to be dramatic, but this might be the most important decision you make for improving your family’s quality of life… 
I know it was for the countless Present Players who define Present Play as


...or even “Life-Saving”
"If you need help in your parenting, Present Play will 100% help you. She has it all covered from practical everyday decluttering, all the way to philosophical really deep hard topics that you might need help with. I am confident in saying that it’s a treasure chest of things that are going to be valuable to you."

- Grace

Present Play Stories
I can proudly say that I have learned to love parenting and parent from love with Avital. Her work has the power to transform your life. Present Play is the need of the time. 

- Amina
Present Play has absolutely changed my world. 

It has helped me grow and feel more alive and empowered than ever, as a mother, as a wife and in my own skin. 

Never before have I known how much power and passion I have in and for life. 

People I know comment on the positive changes in me over the past year and as a result, get to be on the receiving end of a MASSIVE advertisement for Present Play and your work. ;)

- Jess
Present Play really changed the energy in my house from me entertaining them to a stress-free, calm place. I wouldn't respond as quick. I wouldn't blow up. And then I saw, little by little, my children were calmer as a result. I became a more peaceful, loving parent. It helped me fall in love with parenting.

- Leah
I had this idea that a good mother is always around. She shows her children everything, plays with them and entertains them. I was completely exhausted. Then, I saw one of Avital’s videos. That was when I first heard of independent play and how beneficial it is for the child to explore the world. 

I knew it was something I needed for me and my child. I put myself on the waitlist for Present Play and waited almost 8 months! When the doors finally opened, I found everything I needed -- books, tools, community, wisdom. Present Play is where everything is already there. You just need to open the door. 

The atmosphere is so calm in my home and I’m applying everything I’ve learned this year about play. I implement the tools, and we see the results. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a child play independently.

- Anastasiia
My house became such a calm environment to be in. I gained so much wisdom, so much guidance, real tools, support and encouragement, and so much allowance for vulnerability. Your life will change on so many levels. 

- Galina
I’ve seen real change in our family dynamic from curating our toys and being intentional about what’s out and what’s not. It’s changed our home into a more peaceful place with a lot less clutter and that’s so much easier to keep tidy. 

A year ago, my daughter was drowning in electronic, flashing, overpriced toys, and now, she will play happily with pretty much anything. It’s been lovely to watch. 

The other thing that’s made a huge difference is a workable daily flow. Creating those rhythms has been invaluable and we are reaping the rewards manifold. I can even look at when certain behaviors come up and know that it’s because nap time or snack time is coming up, because we know what’s around the corner. That helps me be compassionate and have more insight into my children’s world. 

- Hayley
My children were very dependent on me playing with them or even playing FOR them. One of the biggest transformations I have seen in my children is their real desire to play together and even on their own. They get deep into their play sometimes for hours at a time. We are finding that their play is very emotionally healing for them. 

- Tanya
The biggest takeaway for me from Present Play is how much of a mirror my children are of me and where my growth needs to occur -- that I can calm myself and step back and see things in a different way, that the way we view the world and our children is not fixed. 

That’s been really empowering for me to be able to see how good and beautiful and wonderful my daughter is and how those strengths of her will are going to serve her and society in the future. 

She’s got this fire in her that’s so powerful and that can go either direction. I'm helping her learn to light the world up instead of burn it down.

- Melissa
The burden started lifting and I started feeling like I could breathe a little more. It’s only been a year since I joined Present Play, and I am a different person and a different mother because of it. I have confidence now that I can figure something out and find a way to continue in the direction that we need to move forward as a family.

- Grace
We’re in London in a very small apartment and it works. My daughter has all her zones in a very small space and it started working for her.

She went from a child who couldn’t be left alone to someone who comes home and I see her relax into her play. I can do my own thing!

Avital made me believe that I could have that life, that I could be alongside my child without being with her all the time. It’s not my responsibility to entertain her. She’s becoming somebody who can entertain herself.

If I hadn’t joined, I would still be buying into the story that being a mother means 20 years of sacrifice. I would still be buying into the story that I can either meet my daughter’s needs or my own, and of course I need to meet my daughter’s needs at the expense of my own. I would still be run into the ground doing nothing for myself with no space to think or be. Paradoxically, I would be enjoying my daughter a lot less. 

We are so much more relaxed and happy together now. My daughter is flourishing. We can both have what we need. Everything you need is there for you in Present Play, from how to organize your life in an Excel spreadsheet to the much bigger, more philosophical things that might be barriers for you.

- Emma
Present Play keeps me inspired, connected and motivated to pursue my passion of parenting. I love Present Play because each month, we have the theme, and it’s bite sized so it keeps me focused in a manageable way. It's well worth the investment. And then some.

- Elizabeth
When I started Present Play, I was feeling overwhelmed with having recently moved, two kiddos 2 & under, and a 5 year old struggling starting school with ADHD and SPD. 

Present Play gave me exactly what I needed to set up my life for myself and my kids to thrive. I will forever be grateful! 

Four years later I am still learning new things from Present Play!

- Amanda
I look around and everything has changed from the inside out. We have processes in place so that my children can be as independent as possible. The sanity that comes with that is unreal. It's permeated every aspect of life, and the peace I experience is incredible.

- Layla
I am very grateful for Present Play and don't even know where to begin on what I have gained. 

Most of all, I have gained a voice. I’ve learned how to talk to my children with clarity and honesty, offering them respect as people rather than talking down to them because they’re kids. 

I’ve gained a clearer vision on what I want for our home.

I’ve gained the ability to see myself as being me because of how I show up to the situation, day, disappointment, celebration, etc. rather than defining myself through parenthood or preferences. 

I’ve learned that laughter is a good thing and I can still set limits in a positive atmosphere. 

- Rachel

Got questions? We've got answers.

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know Present Play will help you create the home life you desire, but perhaps you still have a touch of hesitation. 

I get it - and honestly, I like that you’re really weighing this out because it shows me that once you’re inside Present Play, you’ll be truly committed. 

You might be thinking, 
“This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know if this will really work for me?!” 

Great question!

Here’s the good news: you are not even close to being the first person to try out Present Play. 

In fact, there’s a little chat box ON THIS PAGE with real-life PRESENT PLAY MEMBERS who volunteer to man our chat box so they can help new members figure out if Present Play is a good fit for them. Seriously! Isn’t that amazing? 

Try it out right now! They are so excited to answer your questions!

And check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join?
You can join nowDoors close at 7pm ET on April 28th, 2021.
After I join, when does Present Play begin?
The annual cycle of the transformative Present Play membership begins on May 1st, 2021.
What does my membership include?
12 months of practical, actionable, how-to content via exclusive digital access to videos, pdf guides, journals, audios, interactive live sessions, and an engaging online community.
Is there an app?
YES! We've designed a brand new app so you only have ONE hub to access all your Present Play goodies AND our amazing community WITHOUT social media, ads, or distractions. Done, done, and done!

We're incredibly excited to launch the beta version of our app for members only. You will receive the "keys" to connect your account within 24 hours of signing up! 

If you're dying to see how it works, click to take the tour
How long does my membership last?
Your membership renews annually. You can choose to cancel after 1 year, 2 years, etc. However, after 5 consecutive years, you'll unlock life-time membership and we will pay for your membership every year after! We're in this for the long-haul and plan to raise our kids together. You won't have to pay another dime to keep lifetime access to the content and community if you choose to stay more than 5 years, as hundreds of current members are about to next year! 
If I don't join now, when do doors open again?
Enrollment opens only once a year. The next time doors open again is not until May 2022 as our complete focus and energy is guided to the members inside Present Play year-round. 
Is my child too young?
Present Play is designed for parents of young children, ages 0-9. Even though not all the content applies to you right now with a baby or expecting your first, it will soon - it is so much better to learn the skills of Present Play early and avoid all the common mistakes. 
Is my child too old?
Present Play is designed for parents of young children, ages 0-9. Many of our members have older children than this, usually with younger siblings. If your youngest is a tween or older, then not all the content will be as applicable. You are still welcome to join even if your children don't fit within this age bracket because much of what we learn is applicable to our own lives as parents.
Is my home too small? 
No. In Present Play, we design solutions for homes with and without storage, with and without playrooms, with and without backyards. Even if you are currently traveling in an RV or up to your chin in moving boxes, you can use the tools found within Present Play. If you're moving, this is the perfect time to implement Present Play principles in your new home. All you need is a flexible, open mind and the belief that you can make it work.
I'm a new mom. Is this for me?
Yes! It’s amazing when you can start out early. Although some of the information won’t be relevant just yet, you’ll be learning from experienced parents and their parenting "mistakes" to prepare for what's to come. Pregnancy and maternity leave offer a tremendous opportunity to lay a solid foundation for peace, presence and play within your home.
I'm not a parent, can I still join?
Present Play is designed for parents of young children, ages 0-9. We welcome anyone who is currently caring for young children (such as grandparents, nannies) or preparing to (expecting parents, students) - just know the language will be geared towards parents, families, and home environments.
How long has Present Play been running?
Present Play was founded by Avital Schreiber Levy, aka "The Parenting Junkie", in December of 2016. With an 80% retention rate of members renewing year after year, the membership has continued to grow to thousands of parents from over 70 countries in 4 years. 
Is there a trial period?
Secure your spot now - you will not be charged until May 14th. We think you're going to love it and will want to stay, but if not - you will not be charged at all if you cancel by 7pm ET on May 10th.
Do you guarantee my kid will play independently?
Erm, in a word – no. How each child plays is as unique as their fingerprints. Temperament, environment, attachment, personality, health, developmental stage… all these factors and more contribute to the content, cadence and character of a child’s play. We believe every child is capable of benefiting from long stretches of flow and play. What that looks like for your child, how that looks in your home, and when you start to see growth is based on your unique situation and your open-minded commitment to practicing the skills and tools we offer
What happens next?
When you enroll now, your spot is secured. You will gain access to the welcome video series that will kickoff your journey with momentum the week of April 26th.

Your first theme, Create Haven (including the guide and videos), will be delivered to you digitally on May 1st (accessible via desktop and mobile). 

The first interactive live workshop for new members will be held on Monday, May 3rd, at 11am ET. If you are unable to join live, a replay will be available afterwards and saved for future reference. 

On May 14th, your bonuses will unlock! 

And together, as a supportive community, we will go through a year of 12 all-encompassing, transformative themes that are the proven blueprint to continuously create the family life you love.
I've already seen Avital's free videos, what else is there to learn?
If you love The Parenting Junkie's YouTube Channel and annual Reclaim Play Challenge, you're going to L-O-V-E Present Play. Present Play content is the practical, actionable, HOW TO - with step-by-step guidance, you'll gain the tools to create the family life you love. Not only that, you'll be connected and supported by a global community of members who are doing it with you and you'll get to connect with Avital in interactive live sessions every month! When you join Present Play, you are getting performance coaching to CREATE family bliss with a focused theme each month, strategically organized set of skills in your "toolbox", and purposefully designed process that will get you Results (with a capital R). The content, coaching, and community inside Present Play is found no where else
Does this include one-on-one coaching with Avital?
Present Play is Avital’s inner circle. You will have more interaction with Avital via our online community than anywhere else. Though Avital will not be available 24/7 and cannot respond to every post or question personally, you'll soon discover that our like-minded community is so full of wisdom, sound advice, and experience that you'll get incredible answers from our community 24/7. For the price of 1 coaching session with Avital, you will get 12-months of membership coaching through Present Play - the only place where Avital hosts regular, interactive live sessions year round - you will receive her deepest, most practical, mindset-blowing insights and coaching live and replay every month
This sounds amazing! But I'm afraid I won't have the time.
You definitely do not need to watch hours of videos get amazing results from Present Play. Present Play is designed without the "fluff" - you'll find what you need to take action quickly and every step is broken down into baby steps so that no matter how clingy your kids are or how much clutter, chaos, conflict, or confusion you're experiencing at any given moment - with a few minutes a day or an hour every month (at a minimum), you'll be able to create a life you will enjoy more and more every month, and every year.
How much time do I need to invest in Present Play?
Present Play is very actionable and will give you doable tips for being present and enjoying your parenting. The time you spend will depend on your personal goals.

You can do any or all of the following:
5 - 10 minutes per week: Read the email
10 - 20 minutes per week: Watch one video
20 - 40 minutes per week: Put a new skill or tool into action
40 - 60 minutes per week: Interact with the community 
60 - 90 minutes per week: Catch an expert interview, read the PDF guide, or tune into a live session with Avital

Or, you can literally show up once a month to a live session, expert interview or by reaching out for support in the community. 
I'm super busy right now. Can I join later?
No. Doors open to Present Play only once a year! And that's by design. Present Play is a journey of growth, which is something that can't happen overnight. The good news is, it doesn't have to! Perhaps you're busy with a newborn, a move, or a career change and you don't feel you'll be able to 'keep up' right now. That's OK. In Present Play, there's no such thing as 'behind'. Take your time settling in and you'll soon find that the tools of Present Play are easily applied with immediate results. Shifting from chaos, clutter and conflict to peace, presence and play is within reach even for the busiest parents. 
Can I get a discount?
We do not offer any discounts on our Present Play Membership. However, we're proud to offer hundreds of free podcasts, articles and videos to those who aren't able to join Present Play.
Where does my money go? 
In order to provide the high-quality content, continual support and true sense of community - we need to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our business. Your enrollment fees help us continue to produce content, show up for our community and serve at the highest level in terms of technology and equipment, as well as our small-but-mighty team of work-from-home-parents. Every dollar is re-invested into the work and mission of Present Play and The Parenting Junkie. We are passionately a not-just-for-proft business with big philanthropic goals, and we consistently give back 10% of profits to Plan International, an organization that empowers young and marginalized people around the world to achieve their full potential. 
I have more questions, who do I ask?
You can use the chat box on this page to write in your questions. Be sure to leave your email address in case we need to get back to you. You can also email We would love to help you out as quickly as we can. 

I'm worried I'll be overwhelmed with 'hours of content'. How much time will I need to invest to benefit?
You definitely do not need to watch hours of videos get amazing value from Present Play. Most video lessons range from 5 - 30 minutes long and are packed with actionable, mindset-blowing, aha moments that will get you taking action in no time. Pick and choose the topics that are most relevant and listen on the go since most do not demand your visual attention.

Remember - Avital's private clients pay $300 for just a single coaching session. This means you're getting a sweet deal even if you just use a fraction of what's offered inside Present Play. 
I have school-aged kids. Is this for us?
Yes… and no. We approach the fundamentals of PLAY - and play is relevant for all ages of children (and adults)! The membership is designed with children age 0-9 in mind although there are several videos dedicated to the pre-teen age as well. If you have at least one child age 9 or under and a desire to prioritize flow and play, this is definitely for you. You're welcome to join even if your children don't fit within this age bracket because much of what we learn is applicable to our own lives as parents. 
What happens when I join?
1) First, you'll get a virtual hug from me (warning: I'm an inappropriately tight hugger!) and big high-fives from our entire community of imperfect rockstars.

2) Simultaneously, you'll get access to our treasure chest - the Present Play Video Library.

3) We'll walk you through everything that's available with a series of fun emails so you can get cozy, comfortable and meet your new friends. 

4) One hour after doors close on May 1, at 7:00 pm EDT sharp - you'll receive your first eMagazine, delivered straight to your inbox. It will be the official kickoff to our first theme, Create Haven, designed to turn your home into a play-inducing haven right out of the gate.

5) Simply follow along with our juicy, bi-weekly emails (Monday & Wednesday) and we'll guide you to create family bliss in no time.
I've already seen all of Avital's YouTube videos. Is there more to learn?
If you love The Parenting Junkie's YouTube Channel, you're going to L-O-V-E Present Play. Present Play content is the practical, actionable, HOW TO that takes your hand and gives you the tools to move from consumer to creator. When you join Present Play, you are getting performance coaching to create family bliss.  Here's the blueprint of what you will create:

HAVEN - Become a childhood designer. Set up your five crucial zones and transform your space into a play-inducing haven.

PLAY - Step into Play Guru status. Learn how to ignite play (and not sabotage it) and facilitate nourishing, immersive, independent play.

CULTURE - Breathe life into your family values, establish meaningful rituals and and create memorable experiences for your whole family.

FLOW - Be the designer of your time. Step into feeling productive but not busy, while creating flow that makes sense for the entire family.

VILLAGE - You're not alone. Parenting is a group sport. Discover innovative ways to build a village that works for your unique needs. 

MASTERY - Become well-versed in childhood development. Discover the fascinating workings of your child's brain and how best to meet their needs. 

SPACE - Embrace moderate minimalism. Head into the holiday season fully decluttered, as you create space to breathe within your home and hold on only to what serves you. 

VISION - As the CEO of your family, become crystal clear on your "mission" as a team. What are you trying to create? What's your ideal family life?

PRESENCE - Don't miss out while your children's childhood flies by. Master your focus so that you can choose where to place your precious attention (hint, not always on your phone). 

PEACE - Recurring conflict is a reality in every relationship. Learn how to manage those conflicts and alchemize them into deeper connection. 

POWER - Sometimes you may feel like life is happening to you. Reclaim the agency, authorship and creativity of someone who captains their own ship.

ENERGY - Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. This month is your rest-and-grab-some-calories station so that you can keep going for the long haul. 
How is the content delivered? (I’m not tech savvy!) 
You will get instant access to the entire video library. Every week, you can expect to receive 1 - 2 emails, and every month, you will receive a new thematic PDF guide. Our community is based inside the members-only Facebook Group, including live sessions, which are recorded and added to the video library. It is recommended that you have good internet connection to access the new content each week, either on computer, tablet or smart phone.
Is there a deadline to join?
Yes! We have a strict deadline when doors close. Every year, we get sad emails from people who hesitated too long or forgot what day it was closing. We beg of you, don't be one of those sad emails (join before the deadline)!

Doors open on April 7 for pre-order and close at 6:00pm EDT sharp, Friday, April 30, 2021
How much does it cost?
Present Play is an annual membership that costs less than a dollar a day. You can choose between quarterly and yearly payment options:

Quarterly: $4 installments of $97 /(total $388 USD)
Yearly: $300/year (save 25% when you pay for the full year up front)
Am I locked into a contract?
No. There are no fancy, binding contracts. However, please understand that you are purchasing an ANNUAL membership. 

Option A: Pay quarterly, $97 USD/quarter. You commit to paying all 4 installments, plain and simple. 

Option B: Pay up front, $300 USD/year (Psst... you get 2 months free when you pay for the full year up front!)

Both options will auto-renew next year unless you request to cancel by April 14, 2022.
What is the cancelation policy?
Present Play is an annual membership. Whether you decide to pay quarterly or yearly, you will have access for the entire year. Your payment option will auto-renew every year until canceled. To end your membership, request to cancel by April 14, 2022 (or 30 days before the next billing date) to ensure your account will not be charged. Upon cancelation, you will lose access to all membership content and services.
Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
You will be able to try Present Play absolutely free for 14 days, at the end of which you will be billed. If you don't see the incredible value inside Present Play, request to quit before May 14, 2021 and you will not be charged. Cancellation requests must be submitted via email to by 6:00 pm EDT on May 14, 2021. Refund requests will not be valid after this deadline.
Do I get lifetime access?
Access to the content, bonuses and services included in your membership is available to active members only. Any member who stays for 5 consecutive years will unlock lifetime membership. If you would like to pay for lifetime access upfront now, you can here: Purchase Lifetime Membership. A one-time fee of $1,500 USD will offer you lifetime access as well as the Empathic Limits and Focus Time courses for free.
I'm strapped for cash and can't join by the deadline. What do I do?
That's what the payment plan is for. However, if the quarterly payments of $97 USD are not within your budget right now - we totally get it. That's what the free content is for. There are literally hundreds of podcasts, blog posts, YouTube videos and other resources available at 
Why isn't it cheaper?
As the saying goes, cheap is cheap. We’ve priced Present Play at less than a dollar a day because we know that while out of reach for some, this is a no-brainer for most of our community. The quality and quantity of the support and content you receive is unparalleled and we’re commonly told it’s worth many times more than the price tag. You’ll be getting a year's worth of access including more than 200 videos, 80 deep dive sessions, 30 expert interviews, monthly thematic guides, ongoing priceless support and community connections… If you ask us, it’s the deal of the century. 
Can I share my membership?
You may share your membership access with members of your household and child's caretakers only (i.e. partner, nanny, grandparents). Your partner is invited to engage with the community opportunities as well. Otherwise, your membership is not shareable.  We reserve the right to revoke access and block any member who misuses their membership, including, but not limited to: plagiarism, disrespectful behavior towards Present Play and TPJ team members, and sharing login details or screenshots outside of the community.
Can I gift someone a Present Play membership?
Yes. Here’s how to give the gift of Present Play to someone you love:

1. Transfer your gift amount via Paypal or Venmo to your recipient.
2. Let them know you’ve contributed to their annual membership enrollment.
3. Ensure they sign up using their own information and payment using this link: by 6:00 pm EDT on April 30, 2021.

We realize it’s fancier to be able to send them the membership directly. However, to properly manage their billing and membership questions, they need to sign up under their own name and using their own billing information. Gifting them the funds towards their membership will allow them to do just that - and we know they’ll thank you! 
Our community and the Parenting Junkie Team are incredibly excited to welcome you into our tribe and as part of our movement.
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